FSC International – Forests for All Forever

Investments & Partnerships
To connect people who want to see a different world through philanthropy.

Economically Viable

FSC’s Global Strategy calls for the realization of a new forest paradigm by 2050, where the true value of forests is recognized and fully incorporated into society worldwide – and meaningful action needs ambitious commitments. FSC is enhancing its value for members and certificate holders by growing from a trusted certification scheme into an effective brand that is widely known, understood, and respected.

It is by becoming a powerful market force that FSC will make a vital difference in how consumers and producers see and value forests and the tangible – and intangible – benefits we derive from them every day. FSC’s Global Strategic Plan will respond more effectively to FSC’s stakeholders’ needs, increase the market value of the FSC brand, and transform the way producers and consumers alike use and perceive forest products. FSC’s strategies will:

  • Improve the tools and services offered to its members.
  • Empower stakeholders to drive awareness of their commitment to sound forest management to their customers.
  • Deliver increased service and profitability to the entire value chain associated with FSC certification – from small producers in tropical forests to corporations leading the drive toward responsible commerce.