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To connect people who want to see a different world through philanthropy.

Ways to give

FSC Investments and Partnerships (FSC I&P) promotes environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests. A donation to FSC I&P goes directly toward supporting responsible forest management across the globe.

Forests are the planet’s natural defense against climate change.

But deforestation and forest degradation continue to threaten forest ecosystems around the world, increasing carbon emissions, polluting the air and water, and reducing biodiversity.

You can help protect the world’s forests with a donation to FSC I&P. Your investment will support the responsible management and restoration of forests worldwide that protect wildlife habitat, reduce carbon emissions, improve air and water quality, increase responsible trade and protect vulnerable communities.

 A donation to FSC I&P ensures that forests are managed in ways that are ecologically responsible, culturally respectful, and economically viable.

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Planned Giving and Legacies

Around the world, deforestation and forest degradation are leading causes of carbon emissions and biodiversity loss. We must act boldly now to pass along a legacy for future generations.

Bequest gifts play a vital role in ensuring the longevity of our programs.

Whatever your gift size, we welcome your donation. When you contribute to FSC, you are joining a global community working together to protect forests for future generations. Contact us to discuss the giving options by emailing. 

Employee & Matching Gifts

Over 20,000 companies offer matching gift programs, allowing you to maximize the impact of your contribution to Forest Stewardship Council. An investment of just a few minutes can double or even triple your gift!

How to request a matching gift from your employer:

  1. Contact your Human Resources department to find out if your company will match gifts.
  2. Request a Matching Gift Form from your Human Resources department.
  3. Complete and submit the form according to your company’s instructions. 

FSC I&P’s Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) is: 81-3385811

Who We Are

We envision a different world one where a new forest paradigm is realized. This is a world where the true value of forests is recognized and fully incorporated into society worldwide.

FSC Investments & Partnerships (FSC I&P) is an independent, registered U.S. 501(c)3 charity and was formed to bring together people, foundations, corporations who share the vision and values of responsible forest management.

FSC I&P Board Members

Kim Carstensen (Chair)
Jack Hurd
Danny McGregor
Lisa Morden
Ralph Schmidt-Liermann
Allison Scuriatti

FSC I&P Staff

Dan Peniston, Development Manager
Mark Smith, Executive Director
Nicole Shermer, Prpgram Manager
Vanessa Tamez, Program Assistant


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